Our Company

We exist to help make dealing with administration after death easier. 

As the online Confirmation specialists, we help those responsible for executing the estate of a recently deceased person (who resided in Scotland). We work with you to produce the required C1 and C5 Confirmation application forms quickly and smoothly

We have simplified the form questions so that you can confidently fill them in online. We will work with you over the phone to check the details and then produce the Confirmation forms for you to submit to the Sheriff Court.


Our Team

We’re a compassionate team of legal and digital specialists combining our expert skills to help make the administrative process of bereavement less painful. 

You will be in good hands when dealing with our Confirmation experts who are sincere, readily available and keen to help, whatever questions you might have about the process.


Our founder’s story

Whilst working at his family’s legal auditing firm, our founder, Mike Davis, discovered just how complex and stressful the estate administration process can be for their solicitor clients and the executors they were trying to help. This experience left him determined to explore simpler ways.

Mike’s feelings about wanting to help improve people’s experiences of after-death estate administration compelled him to start My Probate Partner. 

“If we cannot change the system completely, we will act as a digital facilitator, translating and simplifying the system where we can,” Mike Davis, Founder, My Probate Partner.