Applying for confirmation?
We can help

Getting the right wording and information
for the C1 and C5 forms can be tricky.
We’ll make sure you fill them in correctly.
Checked and completed forms for £195 including VAT.

Is this service for me?

Our service will help you complete the C1 and C5 forms you need to apply for confirmation.

If you are an executor named in a loved one’s will, you may need authority from the Sheriff Court known as confirmation (Scottish probate).

Like a seal of approval, confirmation is a document that allows you to deal with money or property belonging to the deceased.

This online service will work best for you if:

Get your confirmation forms in 3 simple steps

1. Enter the personal and estate details

Fill in our simple and coherent forms online. This should take you around 25 minutes. We’ll explain what information about the estate is needed.

2. Schedule a phone call with us

Make an appointment with one of our confirmation specialists to run through and check your information.

3. Receive your completed forms by email

We will send you your completed confirmation forms and instructions of what to do next within 48 hours of your phone call.


Completed C1 and C5 forms checked by specialists

£195 including VAT

Sheriff Court fees

The Sheriff Court will also charge a set fee. The amount will depend on the total value of the estate.

More information

If you don't have access to any of the estate's funds right now, you can pay yourself back for all of these charges later.

What do I need to get started?

  1. An original copy of your loved one’s will
  2. A copy of the death certificate
  3. A list of assets and debts of the estate

Sisters Karen and Lisa say

“Everything was so much clearer, we found it a Godsend. They really helped my sister and me after the death of our Mother. That really difficult time when you are grieving but have so much to think about and do, it is really daunting, worrying and can be very stressful. We were able to complete all the necessary administration ourselves for our Mother’s estate. Thank goodness we found My Probate Partner.”

We are here to help you

We really care that you have the best possible experience during this difficult time. Please reach out if you require any additional support with filling in your forms online or questions about the estate administration process.