Giving you total control over your loved one’s estate

My Probate Partner is an easy-to-use online platform that gives you the power to manage your loved one’s estate yourself

My Probate Partner gives you personalised guides, intuitive financial tracking tools, and straightforward document templates to help you avoid confusion when managing your loved one’s estate.
You’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

What's included?

Personalised Guides

Every estate is different. That’s why our platform offers you personalised guides, tailored to your unique circumstances.

During every step of the process, you’ll know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it - giving you confidence that you’re doing everything right.

Financial Tracking Tools

One of the hardest parts of managing an estate is keeping track of finances spread across multiple locations, in multiple accounts.

Our platform removes confusion by offering intuitive financial tracking tools that give you an automated overview of the estate.

Document Templates

Estate executors are legally responsible for filling in tax and legal forms accurately.

Our useful document guides help you make sense of complicated forms by deciphering the complex legal jargon and steering you in the right direction to find the information you need.

My Probate Partner really helped my sister and me after the death of our Mother. That really difficult time when you are grieving but have so much to think about and do, it is really daunting, worrying and can be very stressful.

All that work and administration, it would just be so much easier to put it on ‘the too difficult pile’ and pay a law firm a significant sum of money to deal with the legalities. But thankfully we were introduced to the My Probate Partner website... and thank goodness we were!

It made everything so much clearer and we found it a Godsend. Working through the comprehensive task list and checkbox activities really helped us focus, we were able to complete all the necessary administration and probate ourselves for our Mothers estate within a 5-6 week timeframe and at minimal cost. Thank you so much to My Probate Partner for making such a difference

Why choose us?

Illustration of a person in a tie speaking what appears to be gibberish - a circle includes a stylised translation

Probate made clear

When you’ve never administered an estate before, the thought of doing it for the first time can be daunting. Our platform helps remove some of the anxiety around managing an estate by keeping you on track and explaining tasks in clear language you’ll understand.

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Remain in control

People who use legal firms to manage an estate often complain of poor communication and long delays. Using the platform will allow you to go at your own pace and keep control of the estate by removing the need to use a lawyer to manage the entire process.

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Avoid unnecessary fees

Hiring outside help from a lawyer can significantly increase the cost of managing an estate. We can help you keep costs to a minimum by showing you the specific tasks you’ll need a lawyer for and the ones you can take care of yourself.

What does it cost?

Get a 2-year license to our platform for the same cost as 1 hour of a lawyer’s time.

The first section of our platform is free to use. It’ll help you get on top of all the immediate tasks you need to do and give you a feel for the software and whether or not it’s right for you. Access to the full version of our platform is £249 - and it’ll help you deal with the administrative parts of the estate. Keep in mind that this cost can be claimed back from the estate, and we’ll even show you how to do this as you’re using the platform.

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Full money-back guarantee

We’re confident you’ll be happy with our platform. But, just in case you’re not, we offer a full refund to users who aren’t.

If that’s the case for you, simply contact our support team, let us know how we can improve, and we’ll be happy to refund you the total cost.

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